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Father and Kappa (River Specter)

Is it OK to post a story about a specter here?

A cousin of my father lived with his family in M City and my father often played there as a kid.
The M river, which had the same name as M City, ran through the middle of M City and my father often saw Kappa (river specter or monster) swimming in the river.
Though he is already dead now, he often told me about Kappa, and strangely enough the story had some reality.
For example, he said "unlike turtles, Kappa has no carapace and its back is stiff like scales of alligators." "A dish on its head is as mucusy as a nose of dogs and the dish takes in water or moisture through hair around the dish. Even if the dish dries, Kappa does not die, but the whole body of Kappa gets dried up, its skin becomes stiff and its movement becomes sluggish."
The dish serves as an indicator to measure Kappa's health conditions, and Kappa parents tell their child to return to a river before the dish gets dry, according to my father.
Kappa does a special kind of breaststroke and swims faster than a human who does the crawl.
But after my father taught Kappa how to do the crawl, it swam even faster.
My father's story described the structure of Kappa's body and its lifestyle in details. His story had reality which only people who actually swam and wrestled with Kappa could give.
During a new year vacation of the year when I became the 6th grader, my father and I visited our relative's house. By that time, I realized my father's story was a fiction.

Our relatives treated us to delicious meals and beverages. After having a lot of sake, my father asked me to go out together for fresh air. I already collected new-year gifts from relatives and was kinda tired of talking with middle aged women, so I agreed to my father's proposal.
When we were walking on the bridge over the M river, he noticed something and began to wave his arms to it in the direction of upper portion of the river, shouting "hey! heeeey!" There were several people on the bridge and they stopped a bit surprised at my father's strange action. They looked at the river and something that my father waved to. I looked closely at the river too. Guess what. The upper part of Kappa's human-like body emerged from the water surface and it waved back to my father. Its hands were webbed and a dish was on its head. Its figure was the same as the one depicted in many fairy tales.



Door knob of a hotel room

This is a story about my scary experience when staying at a hotel near a guest house in Osaka, Japan.
As I and my friend tried to enter the room, the door didn’t open though we had not locked it. My friend tried and struggled to open the door making clattery noise, but his effort was in vain.
He continued struggling for some time but finally gave up. Then we started to leave the door wondering what we should do. At the very moment, all of a sudden the knob started to vibrate violently making a lot of noise. (The noise was the same as that he made right before in his struggling.)
Thinking that someone behind the door was making fun of us, I tried to open the door quickly and boy, the door opened smoothly with no disturbance at all. But nobody was in the room… What was that clattery noise we heard just before?
On the wall of the room there was an eerie, huge picture which obviously did not match the atmosphere of the room.
I was totally scared.

Lady Hasshaku (Incredably Tall Woman)

When mother and I visited her home village, a local boy invited me to go fishing in a river. After we reached a river and spent some time there, we heard a voice saying “po, popo… popopo.” It was like a birdcall or human voice. We turned around to the source of the sound, and found an incredibly tall woman with a hat. I and the local child saw each other, stunned but the woman was gone before we realized it.
The next day, all of a sudden, the boy I went fishing with died. There were no wounds on his body. Not even a scratch. The boy was not out of bed for a long time after sunrise, so his mother went to his room to awake him and found him dead. I was asked by adults if there was something strange about the boy and I answered he was not injured or did not have coughs, but that we met a strange woman voicing “po..popo.”
No sooner had I said so than all the adults went pale and the parents of the dead boy collapsed in tears. My mother also changed color, and I was made to go home with my mother and relatives. I got blindfolded and was taken to a station by car. At that time on the way to the station, I heard that voice “popopo.” By the time we reached the station, the voice faded away. This is a story of my experience about 15 years ago when I was a brat, and I still sometimes think what that was.


This is a story of about five years ago.
At that time, my younger brother was punky and routinely rode a motorbike at night.
I’m a sober person and found him annoying so I hardly talked to him.
One day, when I came back home from work, I saw him coming out of home, walking his motorcycle as usual.
Of course, we passed each other without any conversation.
My father (who was also punky at his younger age) told my brother not to start the engine until the bike reached a paddy field 300 meters away from home because the engine noise would annoy neighbors. So he could not start the engine near home and each time pushed the bike reluctantly.
When about 10 seconds passed after I passed him, a loud clashing noise occurred and I saw my brother rushing toward home.
My brother panicked shouting “Sister! It’s Sadako! Sadako!! Ohhh!” He rushed into home.
Noticing the noise and shouting, Father woke up and we listened to brother’s story.
According to brother, there was a woman whose lower body was buried in the wall of our next door house. The woman was approaching to him so he ran so quickly that he left his precious bike there.
I was disgusted with his story but Father listened to him seriously and said “So, you saw that too.”
It seems that Father also saw the woman in his younger days and asked my grand father what it was. Grampa told him that there was a car accident on that road where a young woman got injured so badly that her lower body crushed into pieces.
Though Grampa told that he helped with rescue work so there was no reason the woman held a grudge against our family, I kinda feel uneasy.

Slender man遭遇譚



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