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Are you my mom?

I am writing a story of my strange experience. This story is a bit long.
I was on the way to the university and waited for the signal to turn green, spacing out. Then suddenly a man next to me asked me “Are you my mom?”
At that time I was a 20-year-old university student and had no experience of being pregnant and giving birth to a baby. Moreover, apparently the man was over 30 years old.
Shocked, I replied “Y... you are talking to a wrong person.” He looked surprised at my answer and took on a “why-are-you-lying” look. I was again shocked at his look.
When the light turned green, I left the place quickly. I hate to say this but he had an air of lunatics. He was very skinny and bug-eyed, wearing a shabby shirt and hanging a small yellow bag from his shoulder. This was my first encounter with him and I had seen him many times over the next several years.
From then on, he waited for me at the place every day and never failed to ask me “Are you my mom?” Of course I replied no to him, and he left. Though he’s kind of eerie, I didn’t have to call the police.
But one day he started to appear at my university and after multiple encounters with him at the campus I shouted angrily at him. I think I said “Do not appear in front of me!” and “You make me sick!” and the like.
After that I didn’t see him. Then I graduated from the university in Tokyo and went back to my parents’ home. About one year had passed since I started to live with my parents, and I had a phone call from my friend in Tokyo for the first time in about a year.
She said that she met the stalker and was asked “Where is my mom?” causing her to feel scared and run away. When I heard her story I just thought “there was someone like that in the past but he is a total stranger to me now.” But on the Mother’s Day of the next year, I found a withered carnation at the entrance of my house. The look of the stalker quickly came to my mind. Frightened, I talked to dad and I went to the police with him but the police didn’t take my story serious. There were neither injuries nor damages I suffered so I couldn’t blame the police for their actions but I was very anxious.
Several months had passed since then and at one night of heavy snowfall, I walked on the roadside in a city when a car suddenly slipped resulting in me being injured in a chain-reaction crash. I temporarily passed out and when I came to myself, I was caught between a car and a fallen tree. My whole body hurt and I couldn’t move a bit. Even if I called for help, my voice was drowned out by the noise. Nobody noticed me. Close to me, a fire blazed up and I thought this might be my end. At that time I heard that man’s voice saying “Mother! Mother!” loudly. I found myself shouting “I’m here! Help! I’m here!” He seemed to also get involved in the accident because he was also covered in blood. He removed snow that accumulated around me in order to drag me out and after I was rescued, I noticed he was more badly injured than I and his injury seemed to cause a great pain. But he smiled at me asking “Are you my mom?” I don’t know how to describe the feeling I felt at that time but I said “yes… yes…” nodding and bursting into tears. When I wiped my eyes and looked up, I couldn’t find him anywhere. He disappeared in a blink of an eye.      
I have never seen him since then. I don’t know what he was but I don’t think he is what they call a ghost.
When it’s snowing, I remember my son whose name I don’t know. Thank you for reading this to the end.

Feeding a cat

I fed a stray cat every day.
Then the cat started to place a dead insect or bird at the entrance of my house.
She wanted me to eat the carcasses, which seemed to be a token of gratitude.
After that, the cat passed away, making me feel lonely.
But dead insects and birds continued to be placed at the entrance as before.
I felt this strange so I watched the entrance. Then another cat came to my house to put a dead insect at the entrance.
It seemed that the new cat wanted me to feed her.
So I feed the new cat now.

Autumn 2001

In autumn, 2001, I had a cold and chills and was on the train of Seibu Shinjuku Line to go to hospital in Okubo, Tokyo. My head was killing me and I just endured pain with closed eyes and knitted brows.
My memory of things after that is gone. What I remember next is that it was an evening and I was in a place I didn’t know. I wore a shirt and pants that I didn’t remember purchasing. Also my hair was colored though I had never dyed my hair. I got panicked, entered a nearby ramen shop, and asked a shop staff where I was. I was in a place close to Fukushima Station in Osaka City, and one year had already passed since I was on that train in Tokyo in autumn, 2001. The cell phone I had with me was different from that I had had before. About ten names were listed on the address book and each of them was registered with only one Japanese character like “ma” or “hi”. But those names were all strange to me and my friends and my parents’ house were not registered. I don’t know why, but I got frightened of those unfamiliar phone numbers and threw the cell phone in a river. I called my parents’ house from a police station. They also got panicked. They had requested the police to search for me. Anyways, I returned home.
Even now I still see a psychiatrist once a month. I could not rejoin the company I had worked for before, so currently I work as a temp staff.

(Administrator comment: It seems like this article was postd on a Japanese website in around 2005.)

A story from childhood

This is a story from my childhood.
There was a small shrine which was located a little away in the direction of a mountain from the house of my grand father and grand mother.
I think that a shrine is usually a place where children gather to play or do physical training, but children were told by their parents not to enter the small shrine. Also it had a wooden door in the gate and the door was always closed. So I, as a child, thought it was a strange shrine.
One summer my cousin who was 4 years older than I came to see my family and went to a mountain to catch butterflies. However he broke into a high fever after his return.
He groaned in his sleep “Old man...I met an old man at the shrine...” and my grand mother brought the chief priest of the shrine.
The priest and his companions took his futon mat with him on it from our house, though my memory is vague because I was a kid.
I have no recollection about the developments after that and it was about three years later that I met the cousin.
I asked him about how things went on after that and he replied: the gate of the shrine was open and he found a butterfly in a flower bed beyond the gate. So he passed the gate and saw an old man. But he had no memory of events after that.
He told me that he lost his sight of one eye due to an after effect of the fever or for other reasons.
What happened at the shrine?

Door knob of a hotel room

This is a story about my scary experience when staying at a hotel near a guest house in Osaka, Japan.
As I and my friend tried to enter the room, the door didn’t open though we had not locked it. My friend tried and struggled to open the door making clattery noise, but his effort was in vain.
He continued struggling for some time but finally gave up. Then we started to leave the door wondering what we should do. At the very moment, all of a sudden the knob started to vibrate violently making a lot of noise. (The noise was the same as that he made right before in his struggling.)
Thinking that someone behind the door was making fun of us, I tried to open the door quickly and boy, the door opened smoothly with no disturbance at all. But nobody was in the room… What was that clattery noise we heard just before?
On the wall of the room there was an eerie, huge picture which obviously did not match the atmosphere of the room.
I was totally scared.


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